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Ironman World Championships Recap

World class athletes took on the prestigious Ironman World Championships earlier this month in Kona, Hawaii. The long awaited event showcases the skills of the most elite triathletes on a world stage. This event demands the most out of competitors with a 3.86 km swim, 180 km bike, and 42.2 km run. Two of the most notable finishes came from Rotor athletes Anne Haug and Daniela Ryf.

Rotor athlete Anne Haug of Germany held steady through the race and earn herself bronze at the Ironman World Championships. After falling behind on the swim, Haug crushed the 180 km bike to gain time on the leaders and earn herself a spot on the podium. 

Haug finished the 180 km ride in 4:42:49 on her Cervélo P5 spec'd with Rotor's INspider power meterINspider Aero Crown, and an Aero Chainrings.  

6x time Ironman World Champion and Rotor athlete Daniela Ryf finished 8th on the day but had one of the fastest bike splits by almost 5 minutes. Choosing to go for Rotor's carbon cranks and full aero package, Ryf put in a blistering 4:36:11 to put pressure on the leaders. 

Notably, Rotor athlete Susie Cheetam finished just outside the top 10 in 11th place. Rotor Components proved to be a consistent theme with top athletes at the Ironman World Championships. More than 30% of the top 30 women chose Rotor Components for their drive train components. 

Rotor provides triathletes every advantage in drivetrain components. We manufacture high quality Aero Chainrings, Aero Coverings, power meters, and crank arms. With modular components and crank lengths to match your fit, Rotor has the perfect set up for every ride. Our components give competitors the edge to turn training from data, into results.

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