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Shimano 110x4 Oval Chainring

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These chainrings have been discontinued. For our current line of Shimano-compatible Oval Chainrings, please click here: ROTOR 110x4 Oval Chainrings for Shimano and INspider.
  • Compatible with Dura Ace 9000, Ultegra 6800, 105 5800
  • - 100% CNC-machined, 7075-T6 aluminum alloy
  • - Aero design: reinforced rigidity and aerodynamics
  • - Steel shifting pins
  • - 3 OCP points (2-3-4)
  • - Designed to work with all 9, 10 and 11 speed groupsets
  • - Specific bolt covers for improved aesthetics (sold separately)

You are brand-loyal yet you cultivate your taste for components based on performance gains; selectivity marks your choices. There’s no need to swap out your Shimano cranks to accommodate our wind-shucking aero oval chainrings, ROTOR has crafted oval chainrings AERO Shimano 110x4 just for you. In addition to biomechanical performance, there was one more important factor when designing our oval chainrings: compatibility.
We wanted everyone to be able to ride Q Rings, aka oval chainrings, so we designed special Q´s for cranks requiring a specific bolt pattern. Q Rings Shimano 110x4 for your compact cranks feature subtle 10% ovality and take advantage of the most-productive part of your pedal stroke by working with your body's biomechanics to yield maximum efficiency. Choose from 3 Optimum Chainring Positions (OCP) to fine-tune your improved riding experience and go further and faster with less fatigue

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