Trenta 3k Carbon

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The MET Trenta 3k Carbon is the most technologically advanced helmet in MET's line. The parallel ribs of the helmet are linked by a carbon fiber cage embedded into the liner, which allows for a 20% reduction in EPS foam density without affecting its capacity to absorb energy. Of the 19 vents, the NACA vent at the crown is the most impressive. It takes advantage of the Venturi effect to draw in cool air and push hot air out the back along a linear vector to maintain minimal drag. At 265 grams for a medium, this feather-light helmet is race-ready.

A cm 52/56 56/58 58/61



Construction In-mould polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
Inner structure 3K Carbon cage embedded into liner
Padding Hand washable Air Mesh comfort pads
Straps and divider Air lite straps and adjustable divider
Fit system Safe-T Orbital
Be seen Reflective rear stickers
Accessories Helmet Soft bag
Compatibility MET USB LED light; DualGel Front Pad
Certifications CE, AS/NZ, US

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