UNO Upgrade Kit

World's First Hydraulic Groupset

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  • Groupset Weight: 1175g
  • Available in Flat Mount Disc and Post Mount Disc
  • Includes Shifters, Derailleurs and Brake Calipers
  • Includes full bleed/service kits for shift and brake systems.

Product Description

We now offer a starter pack version of the UNO groupset including all hydraulic shifting and braking technology with bleeding kits and required tools but excluding crankset, bottom bracket, cassette and the UNO chain.

This is a fantastic option to upgrade the main components of your current groupset system and enjoy the benefits of ROTOR’s exclusively lightweight UNO hydraulic groupset technology.

Cyclists don't find their place on the podium by resting on their laurels. Instead, their ranks are earned with dedication, commitment to their regimen, and differentiating themselves from other riders in the pack. Here at ROTOR we take a similar approach with the new hydraulic-actuated UNO groupset, merging the most coveted characteristics of both electronic and mechanical systems to forge a new category of groupset technology. 

The UNO takes hydraulic technology that's proved itself to us repeatedly in disc brakes, and brings it into the drivetrain for an elevation in tactile command and efficiency, while packing in a level of smoothness that was previously unheard of in shifters. But it doesn't stop with smooth shifting — hydraulics also aim to reduce maintenance by eliminating cable stretch over time, and only requiring a single bleed annually. 

Unlike mechanically-actuated groupsets, we house all of UNO's indexing in the derailleurs, rather than shifters, and when paired with hydraulics, each shift should feel silky smooth, with minimal drag as you move through the cassette. Shifting is done with a double-tap style actuation, and is capable of shifting a full 4 gears at a time for intense bursts of power when you're going for your breakaway.

By partnering with Magura to produce UNO's disc brake system, you get the benefit of more than a century's-worth of expertise in hydraulic brake systems. Thanks to hydraulics, Magura's MT8 disc brakes feature high braking force when you need to slow down fast. To keep things simple, Magura's Royal Blood makes up the hydraulic fluid in both the brake and shifting systems for easier bleeds whether at home in the garage, or in the shop.


ROTOR UNO Shifters
ROTOR UNO Derailleurs
Magura Disc or Rim Brakes
Installation Tools and Instructions


      Compatible with standard postmount frame/fork, and most standard flatmount frames with adaptors.

      Same mineral oil used for both shifting and braking.

      Compatible with all ROTOR cranksets, oval Q RINGS, and round rings

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