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2INpower for Win-Power


2INPower is Win-Power. 

ROTOR 2INpower SL has the highest rate of read in the power meter world. Why does it matter? (50 data points per second, if you're into that sort of thing.)

Well, if you know ROTOR, you likely know our history with oval chainrings. Couple of fun facts that relate the two things together (data accuracy, high rate of read + oval rings,)

  1. If the rate of read on a power meter is not fast enough, an oval chainring will skew power data readings. That's right: if you only take 4 measurements per revolution, you're going to get some funky numbers. 
  2. The INpower app, which shows the graphic pedal stroke analysis, e.g. the famous peanut, or worse the "8" we make when analyzing pedal stroke. (Worse, beause the narrower the waistline on your image, the more profound the dead spot in your pedal stroke.)
  3. Corollary fun fact: if you perform a graphic pedal stroke analysis with INpower or an erg set up to evaluate pedal stroke efficiency, changing the ring from round to oval *functionally opens up the dead spot, or waistline, on your pedal stroke. Pretty cool to have a moment of quantification on all the qualitative information! 

So I guess it's all a way of saying, there's a reason we believe we make the best power meters, providing athletes all over the world with information to achieve their goals. Check out the screengrab from our desktop app, for even deeper dives into the wild world of power meter data. (And we can configure the parameters on the left however we like, download the data, basically anything our data-nerd hearts desire!)

Configure yours here: road, gravel, whatever your inclination, we have you covered. 


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