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Aldhu Carbon Crank Arms

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If you are already riding one of our ALDHU® or VEGAST® cranksets, their modularity will allow you to easily upgrade to ALDHU® Carbon.

You will only need to purchase the Rotor ALDHU® Carbon crank arms since the rest of the components are compatible with our current range of ROTOR road cranksets.

A 10mm hex key and a couple of minutes is all it takes to complete this easy upgrade. Simply unbolt the alloy crank arms, bolt the carbon arms in their place, and head out for a ride. 

ROTOR ALDHU® Carbon features innovative modular design with OCP Mount for Q RINGS® and Direct Mount technologies. Combined with one of our spiders and either 1x or 2x chainrings in the 110 BCD asymmetric 4-bolt pattern, you can build this crankset out any way you like. 

These were the targets for developing the new Rotor ALDHU® Carbon cranks. The most loyal fans of our brand had been demanding a carbon crankset for years. ROTOR accepted the challenge with a single goal: We had to improve on every aspect of our existing cranks.


We all know that the introduction of disc brakes to road cycling has increased the weight of bicycles. Our goal was to reduce some of the weight increase, but without sacrificing the stiffness of our cranks.

The result? Crank arms that are 100 grams lighter than the ALDHU® aluminum model, leaving the total weight at only 523.5 grams (172.5 mm & 50/34t DM chainrings). At the same time, we managed to increase its absolute vertical and horizontal stiffness by 11% and 36.1% respectively.

*Price is for crank arms only. Check out our crankset builders here for a complete crankset

These crank arms only work off of a 30mm spindle.

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