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ALDHU 24 DM Crankset Builder

Our lightest weight modular crank, now available with 24mm axle

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  • Weight: 357g (170) | 674g (170, R50/34t)
  • Axle Diameter: 24mm
  • Chainring Type: Direct Mount
  • Q-Factor: 147.5mm

Product Description

This crankset configuration uses our Direct Mount (DM) chainrings, the lightest and most adjustable chainring option available. By machining the chainrings out of a single piece of aeronautic-grade aluminum that mounts directly to the crank axle, this setup eliminates the need for chainring bolts and spiders. Available in 1x or 2x with round or oval chainrings, dial it in and make it your own!

Take control of your crankset with total modularity at minimal weight with ROTOR's new ALDHU cranks. These streamlined cranks combine an innovative modular structure with top-tier 7075-aeronautic grade aluminum, allowing you to adjust your axles and chainrings to individually customize your ride based on your needs, and your bike's standards. 

It begins with the 3D+ CNC machining to ensure unmatched rigidity from spindle to chainrings so you can take control on the roughest roads. This iteration of ALDHU takes the specs you see in the traditional 30mm version and pares it down to a 24mm spindle that offers the stiff power of steel, and pairs with any 24mm bottom bracket. A wealth of crank-arm lengths allow you to optimize your power, while OCP Mount technology lets you further fine-tune your ride with Q rings. The ALDHU’s proprietary, patent-pending design is based on the modularity of each crankset component. 

This crankset, with its variety of crank length options and compatibility with the INspider power meter, is the perfect upgrade solution for bikes that can only accommodate 24mm crank axles, such as Trek's BB90 standard.

Optimum Chainring Position (OCP) Mount technology allows the rider to fine-tune the orientation of ROTOR’s oval Q Rings by shifting them one degree at a time, finding the right balance in each pedal stroke for smooth power. This enables the rider to utilize the most powerful part of their pedal stroke to propel them further and allow a touch of relief through the weakest points.

The ALDHU's name comes directly from our racing heritage. It is an abbreviation of Alpe d’Huez to commemorate ROTOR’s first iconic victory at the Tour de France with Carlos Sastre.

Note: Price is for ALDHU crank arms only, and will require an axle and Chainrings. ALDHU 24 is not cross-compatible with 30mm ALDHU Axles.

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