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We think we make the best products out there, but don't take our word for it. Scroll down to see what the pros have to say. 

Road Bike Crank Stiffness Test

In Celebration to their 50th anniversary, Fair Wheel Bikes has conducted a crank stiffness test with cranks from various manufactures. Check out of the full results!

*Hint: Rotor manufactures stiff cranks.

Sea Otter Classic & GMBN

Lightest MTB power meter AND burly enough to race World Cup Downhill? Yes, please. 

2INpower- Editor's Choice from Bicycling Magazine

Bicycling Magazine Editor's Choice 2INpower power meter

This powermeter is a data nerd’s dream. It reads and measures the angular velocity of the cranks at an astounding 200Hz. That’s critical for measuring power when using ovalized chain rings because, unlike standard rings where the angular velocity is constant, the angular velocity of ovalized chainrings is always changing and requires constant measurement to avoid overestimating power output. Although it measures all of that data at 200Hz, most computers only read data at 4Hz, so the 2INPower translates and transmits it at 4Hz. It can also be set to 50Hz for use with a compatible computer.


Riders can take a deep dive into their files with Rotor’s INPower software. But if you find that level of analysis to be overkill, the Rotor Power app acts as a translator so you can easily utilize the spin scan function without needing to be well versed in power analysis. And the battery life is magnificent—Rotor claims the it will last 250 hours. I have no reason to doubt that—through four months of riding, I’ve yet to see the low-battery warning come on.

Bicycling Editor, Bobby Lea



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