Who We Are

We are inventors, manufacturers, and cyclists. We unleash creativity through crafting components that help you discover new ways to turn the pedals. We take pride in constructing components from start to finish for flawless performance from track, to trail and tri (and beyond). Outside of the office, you’ll find us riding our bikes, finding freedom on two wheels.

At ROTOR America, we share the core passion of our parent company, ROTOR Bike Components in Madrid: to make the best bicycle parts available globally. While we know that when it comes to profit, it's a lot cheaper to make stuff in Asia, our Spanish pride in manufacturing shines through with every crank, Q-ring, chain ring & power meter we bring to market. 

Here in our USA Headquarters, we bring the best of ROTOR Components to hand for those of us that call North America home, offering our coveted Q-rings, power meters, and solutions to just about any bottom bracket dilemma you might encounter. Our office is equipped with a team of people who prioritize making bikes a part of our every day lives.  Learn a little about who we are, and why top-notch bike parts are important to us.

General Manager, Lori Barrett:

Lori about to eat it on the snow.


Lori jokes that she's the decision engine for ROTOR America. Bike bilingual, she is comfortable stomping the pedals on her road bike, or ripping around the northern Utah trails. She has some bougie habits (see: kombucha & yoga,) but otherwise keeps it pretty low key. She is also the keeper of Boris the Anarchist, the border collie/heeler rescue pup, who livens things up, on occasion. 

Market Support Specialist, Adam Pellerin

Pellerin bunnyhop

Adam is both the second Texan & second ginger to join the ROTOR America team, which we think is a lucky overlap. He's heading up the charge to keep the ROTOR America crew talking right, (if not acting right,) and working on marketing projects to be sure ROTOR & MET get brought to the forefront of the North American market. New to the Wasatch front, Adam likes windy walks in the mountains and a nice sparkling rose with supper.

Sales Manager, Walter Tate

Walter joins us after working as Product Manager in Taiwan for Factor Bikes and other brands over the last few years. Formerly a Continental pro roadie, Walt is the climbiest of the ROTOR America staff, but still will battle to the death for chocolate chip cookies. Strikingly, he's the only team member who fits comfortably into the European idea of a "small" polo shirt. 

Inside Sales Lead, Michael Zanetti

Michael Zanetti

Michael's been enjoying the outdoors one way or another his whole life. Mostly, this has taken the form of ripping trails racing collegiate or pro XC, but he likes to mix it up and boulder or camp... basically, anything putting himself in the beauty of nature. When he realized "nature aficionado" wasn't a viable career path, Michael decided to join the team at ROTOR America, where he solves tricky customer & tech problems. Michael also has the distinction of being the proud owner of the (second) best mustache in the ROTOR office (now that Ron has joined the team). 

Head of Technical Training, Joel Sehloff

 Joel berm

Joel is the youngest member of the ROTOR America crew, but what he lacks in years, he makes up for in enthusiasm and common sense. Joel is living the #vanlife based out of SLC, and rips trails & road alike all around the western US. Joel is equally comfortable going on a 100 mile gravel ride on his Allied Alfa All Road or sending the Birkie on his nordic skis. 


Operations Lead, Ron Yerrik

Ron brings some serious MTB skills & a burly mustache game to ROTOR America. Long time industry pro, Ron's seen & done it all, living the #roadlife for a number of years, he's wrenched on everything from UCI Downhill rigs to World Tour Road bikes. When he's not hucking his meat or wrenching on bikes, Ron likes watching Bob Ross painting shows, and trying his hand at watercolor landscapes.


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