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Who We Are

At ROTOR America, we share the core passion of our parent company, ROTOR Bike Components in Madrid: to make the best bicycle parts available globally. While we know that when it comes to profit, it's a lot cheaper to make stuff in Asia, our Spanish pride in manufacturing shines through with every crank, oval chain ring & power meter we bring to market. 

Here in our USA Headquarters, we bring the best of ROTOR Components to hand for those of us that call North America home, offering our coveted oval chainrings, power meters, and solutions to just about any bottom bracket dilemma you might encounter. Our office is equipped with a team of people who prioritize making bikes a part of our every day lives.  Learn a little about who we are, and why top-notch bike parts are important to us.

Managing Director, Lori Barrett:

Lori about to eat it on the snow.


Lori jokes that she's the decision engine for ROTOR America. Bike bilingual, she is comfortable stomping the pedals on her road bike, or ripping around the northern Utah trails. She has some bougie habits (see: kombucha & yoga,) but otherwise keeps it pretty low key. She is also the keeper of Boris the Anarchist, the border collie/heeler rescue pup, who livens things up, on occasion. 

Sales Operations Leader, Franklin Aguayo

Franklin Aguayo

Franklin has been hell on wheels for as long as he can remember, being a fan of bike, motorbikes & cars. Since Wheeled-Conveyance Enthusiast was not a viable job option, Franklin decided to join the team at ROTOR America, where he solves tricky customer & tech problems. Our chief spreadsheet guru, Franklin enjoys crunching numbers,  brewing beer & a plant-based diet. 
 Technical Sales Manager, Joel Sehloff


Joel has stuck around long enough that he is no longer one of the youngest members of the ROTOR America crew. An early compatibility savant, Joel has grown into his position as person in the office who most wants to be right. Joel is living the #vanlife based out of SLC, and rips trails & road alike all around the western US. Joel is equally comfortable going on a 100 mile gravel ride on his custom SaltAir steel adventure rig or sending the Birkie on his nordic skis. 

Marketing Guy, Aidan Clouse

Aidan water crossing

Aidan is a recent transplant from Gunnison, Colorado- he moved to UT to get away from all the crowded trails & long drives to the mountains! 

Aidan is charged with running ROTOR America's digital presence when he's not heading out for adventures on his trail bike. Aidan is steward of the sweetest Lab in the world, the gentle spirit, Lansing. 

Adrian Palomeque - Technical Service

Adrian Palomeque technical trainer

Adrian comes from a storied line of bicycle mechanics, hailing back from the 17th century. Having invented the first Velocipede, Adrian's forebears decided to indoctrinate him into the world of high-end mechanics. Comfortable working on everything from road & TT bikes to huck-your-meat MTBs, Adrian brings an air of professionalism & a superb mustache to the ROTOR office. 

André Abreu - Visual Designer

André is our inside scoop into the Iberian mindset, having been born and raised in Portugal. He now lives in Boise, ID with his family but you can see him in-office on one of his monthly visits! André is a very experienced graphic designer who now splits his time between making awesome graphics and pursuing a career in professional criterium racing so look out for his flying Aldhu cranks in a criterium near you!


Boris the Anarchist - Head of HR

Boris is a valuable part of the ROTOR America team. His tasks vary from placing obstacles in primary office thoroughfares to ongoing attempts to distract teammates with rousing (and endless, if he had his way,) games of fetch. When not generally causing mayhem, Boris is fond of napping in his bed and rolling in patches of grass in front of the office. 


Interested in a Career at ROTOR America? Click here to see what we're looking to add to our team.

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