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Andrew Feather's Ultralight Hill Climb Bike

Andrew Feather built a lightweight beast of a bike that is designed to crush KOMs and leave everyone else in the dust. This insane build weighs just under 12lbs. The ENTIRE bike. Andrew pulled out all the stops on this one, including using Rotor's Aldhu Carbon crank arms and INspider power meter. 

Andrew Feather's Ultra Lightweight Bike

This drop bar bike is designed to conquer every climb Andrew throws its way and the 2019 Cannondale SuperSix Evo was the the perfect platform to build the king of all climbs. Andrew fitted this build with the lightest components available including Rotor's Aldhu Carbon arms. Weighing only 255 grams, the Aldhu Carbon cranks are the perfect match for those looking for premium weight savings. As some of the lightest carbon cranks on the market, the Aldhu Carbon provided an ultralight option for Andrew to put his power down. 

Rotor's Aldhu Carbon

Much light his last name, Andrew built this bike to be as light as possible for hill climb racing. The Englishman rode this bike to victory at the National Hill Climb Championships where he earned the right to wear the British National Champion's jersey for yet another year. Even on this weight conscious build, Andrew still made room for a power meter. According to his Strava and readings from Rotor's INspider power meter, Andrew cranked out a monster 510 watts for over 5 minutes on this climb. 

Andrew Feather's Final Weight

Rotor's modular system allows for riders like Andrew to extract the most out of their components. By creating components that are lightweight and modular, we give riders the ability to build their dream drivetrain. Shop the full crankset that Andrew used here.



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