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Finding The Right Road Crankset For You

Finding the right crankset for your road bike can be tough. There are many factors to consider like crank length, spindle diameter, weight, and price. At Rotor Bike Components, we pride ourselves on creating products that are not only performance oriented, but also providing options for every rider. Below is a comprehensive guide to our road crankset line up. 
All of our crankset utilize the same Direct Mount (DM) interface which means you can use Rotor's DM chainrings or a 110x4 spider. Rotor's DM chainrings are machined from a single piece of aluminum, meaning they are stiffer and provide additional weight savings over the 110x4 spider/chainring set up. Additionally, all of Rotor's cranksets can be upgraded to be used with the INspider power meter at any time.
Rotor's cranksets use a 30mm spindle unless noted as a "24" crankset, meaning they use a 24mm spindle. Both the 30mm and 24mm axle are available in "Standard" or "Offset" options. The Offset axle is used primarily for gravel bikes.

Aldhu Carbon

Aldhu Carbon is one of the lightest cranksets available. With crank arms 100g lighter than Aldhu (alloy crank), a complete crankset weights only 536g. This crankset is perfect for riders looking to maximize weight savings.


The Aldhu crankset offers riders the most options when it comes to crank length. Available in lengths from 150mm to 175mm, Aldhu is perfect for those who want maximum customization for their crankset. 

Aldhu 24

Aldhu 24 is is aluminum crank that utilizes a 24mm spindle. This crankset is for riders who currently have a Shimano crankset that use a 24mm spindle, and want to upgrade their crankset without swapping bottom brackets. 


The Vegast crankset is Rotor's entry level crankset, perfect for riders who are looking for an upgrade while being cost conscious. This cranksets maintains Rotor's best features while maintaining a more affordable cost. 

Vegast 24

The Vegast 24 crankset is Rotor's entry level crankset that utilizes a 24mm spindle. Perfect for those who want an upgrade without breaking the bank, this crankset allows riders to upgrade without swapping bottom brackets if they are using a Shimano crankset with a 24mm spindle. 

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