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Fixed Gear Triple Crown - The Fixie Race You Didn't Know You Needed

In early September, the Fixed Gear Triple Crown took place in San Francisco, California for the three race omnium that will reignite your excitement in bike racing. We are lucky enough to live vicariously through Francesco and Melissa Martucci as they hopped on their fixies with Rotor components and crushed the series. 

Red Bull Sponsors Fixie Race - Inside GoKart Track on Rotor Components

This unique series breaks down the long weekend into three races. The first is an elimination style race that takes place on an indoor go kart track. If that doesn't peak your interest, we don't know what will. Riding fixie with shin high barriers sounds about as tough as it looks. Riders progress through a series of qualifiers to battle it out for the win. Melissa fought hard and came out on top as years Red Bull Short Circuit winner. Francesco was not to be missed either with a 2nd place finish of his own in this one of a kind event. 

Racing Around Go Kart Track - Rotor Components

The second race is the famous Mission 7 Criterium that finally returned after two years of delays. With the streets shut down and crowds packing the barriers, the atmosphere stays electric until well after the finals go down under the lights. Both Francesco and Melissa showed their fixie prowess as they each finished top 10 in the crit. 

Mission 7 Crit - Rotor Components

Crit Racing on Rotor Components

If you thought the events couldn't get more wacky, think again. The final race for the triple crown is a tracklocross race - exactly the race it sounds like. Brakeless track bikes on a cyclocross circuit. With a Le Man's style start, this race is the perfect way to end the weekend. The Martucci's powered through the race with Francesco finishing 12th, giving him the coveted Fixed Gear Triple Crown. 

Que Waiting to Race - Rotor Components

Here at Rotor, we love unique series like these. Racing fixies with money on the line is a surefire way to make it feel like you're racing to the stop sign with streamers on your bike as a kid again. 

Melissa and Francesco both rode on Rotor Aldhu Crankarms and Chainrings. Just like this series, Rotor has something for just about everyone. Our components are modular and customizable. With crank lengths and tooth counts to choose from, Rotor has the part for you. 

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