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ROTOR Ceramic Bottom Brackets

ROTOR America Ceramic Bottom Bracket - Michael Zanetti

Ceramic bottom brackets are like little bundles of free speed. They are the next logical step for any rider looking to get the most out of every pedal stroke. From weight weenies to big-watt juggernauts, ceramic bottom brackets are for those among us who will only accept the best.

Lighter, smoother, and generally way cooler than their steel counterparts, these bottom brackets will help you up your game and take your riding to the next level. ROTOR makes the best among the best. We CNC the shells in-house using top-tier alloy and partner with Enduro to get the best bearings on the market.

Check out the bottom bracket that fits your bike and enter to win. Must be in the USA to win, and cheaters will be DQ'ed with no free lap. 

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