Aero 110x4 Oval Chainring - 2x

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These aero rings are built for a 2x drivetrain to keep it aero without giving up your front derailleur. You get all the benefits of oval chainrings in a neat, clean-shifting, aerodynamic package, and the 110x4 BCD aligns with general industry standards for cross-brand compatibility. Pedal harder, push farther, and go faster with less effort. 

The 110 BCD 4-bolt asymmetric bolt pattern is compatible with all ROTOR modular cranks and power meters including 2INpower, INpower, INspider, ALDHU, and VEGAST.

For peak aerodynamics and aesthetics, these oval chainrings are best paired with the aero crown.

Note: Aero rings will not fit Shimano cranks with drive-side power nodes. Non-aero rings will still fit without issue.

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