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Aero 110x4 Oval Chainring for SRAM AXS

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These aero rings were built as a solution for the people who want the quality of ROTOR chainrings but aren't ready to change their whole groupset from a stock AXS setup. CNCed out of 7071 aluminum, these are the best chainrings money can buy. They will deliver all the benefits of oval chainrings in a neat, clean-shifting, aerodynamic package. Pedal harder, push farther, and go faster with less effort. 

The 110 BCD 4-bolt asymmetric bolt pattern is compatible with all ROTOR modular cranks and power meters including 2INpower, INpower, INspider, ALDHU, and VEGAST.

When used with the INspider, these rings are best paired with the aero crown.

NOTE: Chainrings must have a 13 tooth gap for AXS compliance. This means 48/35t or 50/37t.

Some frames may run into AXS derailleur clearance issues with the larger diameter 50t outer ring. 
If currently running a 48t ring, ensure there is room to raise the front derailleur. 

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