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Ceramic BB30 Bearing Kit Bottom Bracket

Rotor's World Class Bottom Brackets for Road and Mountain

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  • Weight: 54g Steel / 49g Ceramic
  • For 30mm Spindle Cranks
  • For use with BB30, BB30a and BB30 F-Si

Product Description

This is as simple as bearing kits get. The ROTOR BB30 Ceramic Bottom Bracket Bearing set is for mating 30mm thru-axle cranks with BB30 Frames.

BB30 bottom brackets usually have a 68mm shell width  and a 42mm inner diameter. The bearings have a 30mm inner diameter which mates with the 30mm outer diameter of BB30 cranks.

The kit consists of two clips, two ceramic bearings, and two shields. You’ll need a press to install it.

This kit has damaged packaging, and it an open box model, and has never been installed. 

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