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1x13 MTB Super Light Kit

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  • Weight: 1816g for full groupset (individual items listed below)
  • Sizes: 165, 170, 175mm; 26t - 38t; 10-46t, 10-52t
  • Discipline: Mountain Bike

Product Description

Lucky 13 has come to the mountain bike!

Join us in our dirt worship with this wicked light, hydraulic actuated group that really does take it to 13. The Super Light Kit includes our new KAPIC Carbon crankset for the ultimate in race-ready performance.

Switching things up from the mechanical groupset you know well, the 1x13 is designed with indexing located in the rear derailleur, as opposed to shifters, which helps deliver its crisp, precise shifting inside of the robust casing. By locating the component weight in the back we're able to better distribute weight, and add more natural balance and stability to your ride. And in case you get a little wild on the road or trail, the 1x13 derailleur is protected by our reinforced Armored Box that protects against all external elements, shocks, and impacts.


  • 1x13 rear derailleur
  • 1x13 shifter & housing
  • 1x13 RVOLVER Hubs (front & rear)
  • 1x13 cassette of your choice
  • KAPIC Carbon Crankset
  • 1x DM chainring (QRing or round)
  • 126-link chain (uncut)

NOTE: It is recommended that you purchase a bleed kit if your local bike shop has not already worked with 1x13


1x13 Super Light Kit 1,816g
1x13 Mountain Shifting set
Shift Trigger, Rear Derailleur, (Connected and filled-in with an uncut 2m hose)
13-speed Cassette 10-36t / 10-52t 243g / 331g
KAPIC Carbon Crankset (175mm, 32t w/o BB) 429g
Q Rings 1x DM Chainring, 34t 67g
RVolver 1x13 Rear Hub (Centerlock LR included) 246g
RVolver 1x13 Front Hub (Centerlock LR included) 124g
Chain (uncut, 126-link) 269g

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