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Dial your drivetrain just the way you like it with our new Kapic Axle that offers a direct-mount interface for optimal chainring placement. Designed for robust, yet smooth engagement, the Kapic axle allows you to maximize the efficiency of your pedaling power.


For KAPIC Carbon, L135 is Boost and L144 is Superboost

For KAPIC alloy, L135 is Standard and L141 is Boost


When paired with one of our ROTOR Q Rings, the Kapic has a knack for getting the most out of each pedal rotation, thanks to its OCP Mount technology that allows for incremental changes a single-degree at a time. This enables you to rotate your chainring until you find the perfect placement, putting out the most power through the strongest part of your pedal rotation, and giving the softest spot a break.

We craft the Kapic from T6 7075 aluminum that's been CNC machined for precision. Its large, 30-millimeter spindle elevates stiffness, so you can crush the miles with unwavering power when you're busting out XC hot laps, and charging into all-weekend enduro-fests alike.

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