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Chainring Bolt Sets

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Product Description

Road 5-bolt:
Set of 5 alloy bolts and 5 nuts for any five-bolt 2x road spider. 

Road 4-bolt:
Set of 4 alloy bolts and 4 nuts for our 4-bolt DM spider as well as INspider.

1x 4-Bolt Set for Shimano GRX Crankset:
Use these chainring bolts to run a 1x chainring on your Shimano GRX crankset.

Track Classic Bolts:
Set of five (5) steel chainring bolts and nuts sized to accommodate a single chainring. They're shiny, steel, and they keep your drivetrain from falling apart.
Note: If your spider has threaded bolt holes, you will need the Track M10 Steel bolts.

Track M10 Steel - 5 Bolts:
Direct thread M10 Steel bolts for the Aldhu Track Spider

Set of 5 aluminum chainring bolts for use with 1x chainring setups. These bolts are meant for use with our threaded CX1 spiders and do not include the female side.

Set of 5 bolts and 5 nuts for outer chainring, as well as 5 bolts that thread directly into the ROTOR XC2 spider.

Aero MAS Spider Bolts:
2x bolt set (specify in drop-down menu) for use with the Aero MAS 110x4 spider.

1x INspider Aero Crown bolts:
Set of 4 bolts that thread directly into the Aero Crown. 

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