T47 30mm Bottom Bracket

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  • Weight: 103g/ 97g ceramic
  • For 30mm Spindle Cranks
  • Fits T47 threaded shells

Product Description

ROTOR T4730 threaded bottom brackets are the new addition to our 2021 lineup. This bottom bracket fits any frame with a standard T47 bb shell, which has emerged among boutique frame builders as well as some of the big names (most notably on a significant portion of Trek's 2021 line). T47 is on its way to becoming our new favorite bb standard in the office, mostly because it leaves plenty of room for internal cable routing with a 30mm axle. As always, the bottom bracket cups are precision-machined in our Spanish manufacturing facility.

T4730E uses external cups, measuring roughly 11.5mm outboard on each side.

T4730I uses internal cups in which the only outboard piece is the castellated flange, which measures roughly 1.7mm on each side.


  • Weight 
    • Steel, spring sleeve included
      • 103 grams
    • Ceramic, spring sleeve included
      • 97 grams
  • Frame compatibility
    • T47 threaded frames
      • 68mm wide road BB shell 
      • 73mm wide MTB BB shell
  • Crankset compatibility
    • 30mm axle diameter - T4730
      • ALDHU/VEGAST Standard Road Axle
      • ALDHU/VEGAST Offset Road Axle
      • ROTOR L135mm MTB Axle
      • ROTOR L141mm MTB Axle
      • ROTOR L144mm MTB Axle 
      • Most other 30mm axle cranksets
    • 24mm axle diameter - T4724
      • ALDHU24/VEGAST24 Road Axle
      • Most other 24mm axle cranksets 

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