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1x13 Triathlon/TT Groupset - INspider Group

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  • TT Shifter, Derailleur, Hoses, 13 speed Cassette, ROTOR hubs, YBN Chain, INspider power meter, aero crown & Aldhu Crankset (w/o BB) Bleed kits not included
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Product Description


A 1x drivetrain cuts out the aerodynamic drag of a front derailleur. The single-chainring drivetrain is compatible with almost all internally routed frames and handlebars on the market for clean aesthetics of your bike and to reduce drag. Less wind resistance = faster splits.


By removing the front derailleur, we've eliminated the weight of both the derailleur and the front shifting mechanism. Rather than using a double in the front, we introduced a wide-range rear derailleur for tight shifting and full range without compromising on performance or weight.


We redesigned our crank/axle interface to make our drivetrain power transfer more efficient than ever. The new design makes the most of every pedal stroke, resulting in faster rides with less energy lost to flex and friction. With more of your energy going into that forward propulsion, you can ride longer and faster than ever.

This is the ROTOR 1×13 Triathlon groupset, the first 13 speed 1x groupset which allows triathletes to be faster in a real, effective, and measurable way. 

ROTOR 1×13 TT groupset includes a revolutionary rear derailleur, a range of elite cassettes, 13-speed specific hubs, your choice of power meter, cranks, and chainrings.

Rear Derailleur

The rear-derailleur is the intelligent command center of the ROTOR 1×13 groupset.

ROTOR Triathlon 1x13 derailleur for 13 speed groupset

Derailleur Features:

Internal Indexing
Gear indexing is actuated inside the rear derailleur for fast, reliable, and accurate shifting.

Armoured Box
Elegant and robust Armored Box structure to protect against all external elements, shocks, and impacts.

Go to Origin
Press this button and shift directly to the smallest sprocket for faster wheel changeover.

Quick Extract
Quick extract system to easily remove and re-install the rear wheel.

Pulse Hydraulics
Proven hydraulic technology means no changing cables or recharging batteries.

12sp/13sp Toggle Bolt
A quick and easy adjustor that allows the derailleur to work with 12-speed and 13-speed cassettes.

Weight for rear derailleur, shifter, uncut hoses and liquid: 439 g


ROTOR 1x13 Triathlon and Time Trial aero shifter for ROTOR 12 and 13 speed groupsets

Single Trigger

The aerodynamic shifting trigger’s internal hose routing is sleek, simple, and effective. The ergonomics of the lever allow riders to wrap their hand around the lever and shift smoothly without altering their aero position.

13s cassette

True Cadence Technology

Data-driven design processes resulted in gear steps with a closer progressive sequence in the first seven sprockets and greater shift increments in the six larger sprockets. Incredibly lightweight, durable, and expertly engineered.


Optimised profiling of cassette teeth for fast and precise gear shifting.

Cassette Sizes: 10-36 (243g) / 10-39 (247g) / 10-46 (304g) / 10-52 (331g)

13s Hub 

ROTOR 1x13 Rear Hub

We designed a 13-speed specific hub by restructuring the spacing of the hub complying with disc brake frame standards.

Superior hubs with lightweight and high performance, built to last a lifetime.

11s / 12s HG freehub compatible.

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