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A Conversation with IRONMAN Texas Winner Jocelyn McCauley

Coming off her win at Ironman Texas, we wanted to sit down with pro triathlete Jocelyn McCauley. We asked her how training with power has impacted her racing and results. Here’s what she had to say. 

Jocelyn, how do you measure & increase fitness in your training plan? 
As any top-level pro triathlete will tell you, power meter training is the foundation of our training programs & successes. I have loved partnering with ROTOR for the last few years: no data droppages, no reliability problems and great (rechargeable!) battery life that lets me focus my energy where it belongs: on training! 


Power is the only metric that isn’t subject to influence by other factors.  For me, power is the perfect training tool to gauge increases in my fitness. ROTOR power meters provide direct information on my strength as an athlete without taking subjective experience into account. That’s important because it lets me focus on specific training and strength targets. 

Are there any specifics you can share for your training program?
When working intervals, power training both lets me expand my fitness level and evaluate it, providing me with information to make the best choices leading up to my races. Here are a few things I think about when using my ROTOR power meter in training:  

  1. I use my 2INpower or INspider power meters to determine my Functional Threshold Power zones. Once I have them, the FTP results inform my training program, telling me exact power ranges to train within. 
  2.   Having those power zones lets me train with a precision that really maximizes my time on the bike which is so important as a mom and pro athlete! 
  3.   If I start struggling to hit high power zones, I know my body is under strain & it may be time for a period of recovery.  
  4.   Speaking of recovery, whether in a block of active recovery or a taper leading up to a big race, my power meter acts as a governor, helping me stay in the range that allows my body to save my top efforts for race days. 
  5. The ROTOR 2INpower has been very useful since it is one of the only dual-sided power meters on the market, and as such, it shows me any imbalance, left & right, as I come back from injury. It also helps me prevent overuse injuries, as I’m able to see in real time if I am using my left & right sides equally. 

Race strategy? 
When I head to a race, I take multiple factors into account, from power to weather, to terrain. In my races, I use my knowledge of which zones I am historically comfortable within to guide choices in hydration or caloric intake. The confidence of knowing my power meter won’t let me down at a key moment is a huge asset for me, both in training and on race days.

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