12 Speed Cassette

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Product Description

With snappy shifting and plenty of range, these feather-weight cassettes are a welcome upgrade to your 12-speed drivetrain. We use a two-piece steel and aluminum construction to keep weight down without sacrificing durability. Simply put, this is the best 12-speed cassette on the market.

The ROTOR 12 speed cassette is compatible with our 1x13 shifter/derailleur, and also serves as an upgrade for most other 12-speed systems*. You can easily switch from 12 to 13 speeds or vice versa with an adjustment of the upper limit screw on the derailleur.

225g for 11-36 / 231g for 11-39 / 282g for 11-46 / 314g for 11-52

*Not compatible with AXS flat-top chains. Confirm total derailleur wrap capacity before upgrading to a larger cassette.