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A Year to Remember

As the year draws to a close, we like to look back and highlight the success our teams across the world have experienced. Rotor sponsors a wide range of exceptional teams. From local Salt Lake City teams to the World Tour, we continue to play our part in the development of the sport. Without getting too sappy, each team is unique and a valued member of the Rotor family. We love being a part of the industry and supporting those who make bikes exciting.

Isreal Premier Tech Stage 16 Win - Rotor Sponsorship

This year, Rotor sponsored Israel Primer Tech as they competed around the globe including in the prestigious Tour de France. Taking two stage wins, IPT put their name on the map for teams to watch out for in the future. 

DNA K4 Win - Rotor Sponsorship

DNA K4 proved to be a dominant force all season. Three of their riders became national champions with Anet Barrera earning the 2022 Mexican Elite Individual TT Jersey,  Maggie Coles-Lyster earning the 2022 Canadian Elite National Road Jersey, and Diana Peñuela earning the 2022 Colombian Road Jersey. The team crushed at Vuelta a Colombia Femenina winning 4 of 6 stages and Peñuela winning the GC. 

Natural Grocers Logo - Rotor Sponsorship

Rotor is also excited to continue to be a sponsor of the Natural Grocers Cycling Team. As one of the largest and oldest teams in the U.S., the continued commitment to growing cycling in communities across the U.S. is something Rotor feels proud to be a part of. 

EMPYR Racing - Rotor Sponsorship

Locally, Rotor is a proud sponsor of EMPYR Cycling. This elite criterium team has continued to grow and competes against some of the best in the nation. Based in Salt Lake City, the team prides itself on local sponsors with a national presence, and boy oh boy do they deliver. 

The Outlaw Tribe is a local bike program that allows for kids to be apart of a developmental team as the evolve as riders. With options for a wide range of ages and various skill levels, the Outlaw Tribe is an excellent combination of community involvement and rider development. We can't wait to see how they continue to grow!

As 2023 approaches, we can't wait to see what each of these teams and many more accomplish. Racing and community building is a key part of the cycling industry and Rotor is proud to play their part.

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