An Interview with Team ELBOWZ Manager, Stefan Rothe | We sell high end bike components

An Interview with Team ELBOWZ Manager, Stefan Rothe

An Interview with Team ELBOWZ Manager, Stefan Rothe

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What got you into riding and what was your first bike? 

I always rode bikes around town with friends growing up in Germany in the late 80's and early 90's. Quite frankly, an orthopedist recommended my parents that I should pick up swimming or cycling as a hobby/sport since I had slight "knock knees" and the non-weight bearing exercise would be great for my development. Also, I was vacationing in Spain (home of ROTOR!) during the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics and watched on television how the German's won the 4-man 100km Team Time Trial. That inspired me, too.
My first real race bike was a 1995 Concorde Colombo (steel) with Campagnolo Chorus 8-speed!
Do you have a favorite race?
I definitely do enjoy any individual time trial, really. Just yourself against the clock is very exciting, and there's a reason they call it "the race of truth." Besides that, I do enjoy Criteriums, and probably have to pick Tulsa Tough as my favorite Crit race here in the US.
Do you have a favorite ride around Austin, Texas?
Any ride in the Texas Hill Country is a good one, and we are very fortunate to have that area at our disposal for training. A solid "Wimbo Loop" with a Shamrock taco stop in Wimberley, TX is good training, usually a 100miler with 5-6K ft of climbing.


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How do you fuel for a long ride? What about in a crit?

I try to stay on top of my hydration (H20) during training and will sometimes eat a bar, banana, piece of pecan pie or taco towards the end of a ride. For a 60-75min Crit usually just liquids and a gel before and 3/4 into the race.


What type of training do you do outside of cycling?

Well, to be honest, I think I'm too much of a cyclist to do too many other sports. But, I do run regularly during the month of October through January and also do some core/strength training. Back when I used to race track a lot I'd do some specific strength/conditioning training with a local coach here. I learned over the years when other sports/non-cycling training starts to impact my cycling performance in a negative way to stop and just focus on cycling. 


Recovery tips you’ve found to be helpful?

Don't stop "cold turkey" after a race. If you got ~20min to spin out the legs your body will be thankful and you'll feel better the next day. Proper recovery is often overlooked when it comes to performance, training, etc.
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Advice for people looking to get fast?

Cycling is a hard sport. It's normal that a long ride or hard workout feels tough. It's never easy but if you stick with it you'll get better/faster. We do a lot of races each year and 9 out of 10 times you don't win or podium so you gotta stay hungry, focus on improvement and eventually you'll get that win.


Rim brakes or disc? Why?

Disc brake for crits, gravel, and road for sure! Once you go from rim to hydro disc brakes you don't want to go back (unless you're going for that long uphill KOM where weight actually matters.) On the TT bike I stick with rim brakes, though. Disc brakes won't make you go faster! 

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