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How to calculate spoke length for RVOLVER® hubs

Lacing up your RVOLVER® hubs has you stoked to get rolling, and to save a few minutes on your setup you'll want some tech details for selecting the right spoke length. 

Although RVOLVER® features a revolutionary clutch system, we do not need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to wheel building.
There are 5 simple steps to calculate the right spoke length:

1. RVOLVER® hub shell specification

To start, be sure you've got your detailed hub shell specifications, you can find hub spoke charts here. Important for spoke length calculation are the flange details including the distance from the center, the spoke hole diameter itself and the circle diameter they are placed on the flange. You will see that our spoke holes are positioned in pairs and thus we also provide the distance from hole to hole. 

2. Rim specification
Get all required rim specifications regarding to spoke attachment such as the spoke seat diameter and spoke bead thickness. Keep in mind that rim offset will affect the calculation and must be considered. Usually all rim manufacturer and brands have this information available either online or via their service centres. 

3. Spoke and Nipple specifications
We recommend to use J-Bend spokes with 2.0 mm thickness up to 2.35 mm thickness in double butted, triple butted or aero versions. 
Depending on hubs model, radial spoke lacing, two-cross or triple-cross spoke lacing patterns can be applied. 
Nipple choice is driven by the rim selection and how the wheel is going to be used.  

4. Spoke length calculation
There are many calculators available and either of them is working. Here are the links to two of them provided by the two major spoke manufacturers - Sapim® and DT Swiss®.  

Simply calculate the spoke length with either calculator based on the above information of hubs, rims and spokes and you will typically add 2 mm of this measure except for the 2:1 rear rim brake hub. This addition of 2 mm is compensating for the RVOLVER® flange design, which pairs spoke holes together. 
The 2:1 rear brake hub requires in a spoke lacing pattern of 3-cross on on the DS and 2-cross on the NDS a compensation of 1 mm less for DS spokes and 2 mm less for NDS spokes. 

Each drawing will indicate the right compensation. 

5. Insider tip from our professional wheel builder Juan Carlos Cambronero. 
Calculate the spoke length with the tools provided, but always assembly one set up to the desired specification to final confirm spoke length and tension before going ahead with the production. 


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