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ROTOR eKAPIC crankset for e-MTB

ROTOR's new eKAPIC cranks are ahead of the game. They are designed from the ground up to be the best option for eMTB. From materials to manufacturing, we brought all our cards to the table: eKAPIC cranks are forged and CNC'ed from 6082 aluminum and crafted using our proprietary Trinity Drilling System for the perfect weight to stiffness ratio, specifically optimized for the demands of e-biking. To put some numbers to the claim, the Fazua-compatible eKAPIC cranks weigh just 403 grams, and they are ready to take on any terrain that the bike can handle. 

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Narrow Q-factor

The new eKAPIC cranksets are designed to keep a narrow Q-factor to improve pedaling ergonomics. The pedaling position closely mimics the feel of pedaling a non-motorized bike, taking advantage of decades of research into bike fit and biomechanics. 

Universal Tooth Design

In the arms race for proprietary designs encouraging strength or efficiency of any one system or another, an often-overlooked lynchpin is the chainring. It must be compatible with the entire drivetrain, from cranks to cassette to chain and back around again. Our engineering team has finally found the solution and engineered a universal tooth profile to unlock compatibility with every 1x e-MTB groupset on the market. 

ROTOR’s Universal Tooth design is compatible with SRAM®, Shimano® and KMC® MTB chains.

ROTOR eKAPIC Crankset for Bosch ebike motor


Step 1
Make sure that your eMTB motor is one of the following:

  • BOSCH® Gen4
  • BROSE® Mag
  • FAZUA® Evation
  • POLINI® E-P3

Step 2
If your eMTB is one of these models, measure the width of the frame at a given distance behind the center of the crank axle bolt. Reference the chart below Step 4 to find the distance necessary for your eMTB motor.

ROTOR eKAPIC compatibility for ebikeROTOR eKAPIC ebike compatibility guide

Step 3
Add 2cm to the obtained value for each side; 2cm is the necessary amount of clearance between the outside of the crank arm and the outside of the chainstay.

    2 cm + VALUE + 2 cm = ______ cm (Clearance for compatibility)

Step 4  
Reference the Q-factor of your eMTB motor below. If the Q-factor corresponding to your engine model is greater than the measured width of your chainstays 17cm back from the crank axle, then the ROTOR eKAPIC crankset is compatible with your eMTB! 


Q-factor Measurement point on chainstay
(from center of crank bolt)


QF 171

17.1 cm


QF 169 
16.9 cm


QF 170
17 cm
eKAPIC BROSE® Mag (wide)
 QF 184 18.4 cm


QF 174
17.4 cm


eKAPIC cranks and eMTB chainrings will be available starting June 8th. Stay tuned for updates! 

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