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Enve Grodeo

Enve Grodeo bandanas

 Day two of the Enve Grodeo was rugged and rowdy. Our very own Joel Sehloff died a thousand deaths on the ceaseless climbs and pinned descents of the not-race. Everybody who made it out to us at mile ~85 was filthy and smiling. The sun was out, the snack bins were bottomless, the popsicles were cold. Check out the photo gallery below, and click around the site while you're here! Hope to see y'all out there next year.

Click through the photo below to browse our gallery from the lounge.

PS Feel free to download and share the photos as you like, and tag us @rotorbike when you do 🚴

ENVE Grodeo ROTOR stop 2021

If you missed out on the swag bags, we just added a ROTOR party pack to the site! 

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