Fall Wall Rides in the Wasatch with Sasha Yakoleff | We sell high end bike components

Fall Wall Rides in the Wasatch with Sasha Yakoleff


Riding Rotor with Sasha Yakoleff

At ROTOR, we feel pretty lucky to be based in Salt Lake City at the feet of the Wasatch. It's hard to complain about the top notch trails we can access from our doorstep. As the summer heat starts to dissipate, it's prime time for riding before the mountains fill with snow. Riders like Sasha Yakoleff waste no time getting after it. From high alpine riding to loamy dirt with jumps and features the Wasatch has it all. Freshly built wall rides tucked away in the forest like these show how diverse the trails in the Wasatch can be.  

Rotor Riding with Sasha Yakoleff

Our mountains ask a lot of the bikes we ride. The drops, fall line trails, and chunder eat up suspension, brakes, tires, and every other wear component you can think of. The dust and heat only add to the punishment bikes can handle. ROTOR America supplies components that handle everything that the Wasatch throws our way. Starting with bottom brackets that are made to stand up to the dust and dirt from everyday riding to cranksets that give you confidence to hit the wall ride you've been eyeing all season. 

Rotor Carbon Kapic

Designed and manufactured in Spain, ROTOR Components make mountain bike parts that meet every need. Our Kapic Cranksets are lightweight, aluminum arms that were designed with stiffness and reliability front of mind. ROTOR Components are modular that make set up and compatibility easy. The Wasatch is home to trails of all types and our Q-Rings provide smoother power transfer for every occasion. Try our Q-Rings risk free for 30 days. If needed, we will swap you for a round ring for free. 

Picture Credit: Zach Clayton (Instagram @ztc770)

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