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Free Wheel Bikes' Crank Stiffness Test

In celebration of their 50th anniversary, Free Wheel Bikes conducted a crank stiffness test with cranks from various manufactures. The goal of this test was to determine which cranks can provide the most stiffness in order to achieve maximum performance. A stiffer crank can help save energy losses that happen when a crank arm comes under load and help provide increased handling and maneuverability of the bike.  

Free Wheel Bikes gives insight into how they conducted this test stating, "Each arm was preloaded with 50 lbs of weight, then all calipers and load cells were zeroed out. Another 150 lbs was added and the difference was measured in mm. Each arm was tested three times and an average of those measurements is the result.". 

The Results

Rotor's Aldhu 3D+ (Alloy) came in 2nd in Free Wheel's Test. This chart shows the amount of average deflection in millimeters across the cranks that they test. While only marginally less stiff than Cane Creek's titanium eeWing cranks, it should be mentioned that Rotor's Aldhu 3D+ is offered in many more crank length options at a more affordable price point. 

Rotor's Aldhu Carbon comes in as the top carbon crankset on the list. Weighing 150g lighter than a Shimano 9200 crankset, this shows both the rigidity and weight savings that can be achieved with Rotor's Aldhu Carbon crankset. 


3rd party testing like this is important to the bike industry as it provides accurate results and quantitate measurements that can affect your bicycle's performance. Looking to upgrade your crankset? Check out Rotor's full road line up here.

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