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Giro TT Showdown

2024 Giro TT Showdown 

Time trialing can be a beautiful event to watch, but for the riders, it remains an event of suffering. It is called the “Race of Truth”, because there is no hiding in the peloton, drafting or any moment to reduce pressure from the pedals. In stage racing, this is where gains can be made against rivals and races can be lost if riders are not up to the challenge. Over the past 20 years, power meters have been a key piece of cycling equipment for any rider looking to improve their performance. For roadies and triathletes, power data gives feedback of real time efforts with far more precision than any other method of measurement, allowing riders to continually push what is possible for themselves.

For the past two weeks, the world’s best professional road cyclists have been in Italy for the Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) and will race more than 2100 miles over 21 stages to complete the event. The Giro has two time trials, which showcase athletes racing individually against the clock in an all-out, sustained effort. This year, one TT stage was relatively flat with a final 5km climb, giving advantage to riders who can power away on the flats, yet still possess a degree of climbing prowess. The other TT stage offered more rolling terrain, allowing a time trial specialist (read, bigger rider, usually!) to power along with a steadier effort, for a top finish.   

ROTOR has long been a choice for riders at the Giro, Tour de France and other marquee events (Vuelta a España, anyone?) and we love supplying these top-tier riders with the best in power meter innovations. Our latest release, the 2INpower SL offers power measurement for each leg independently, INpower is the value proposition that uses a single-sided power reading that will give you real-time feedback, and the spider-based INspider which gives you incredible crank length options & upgrade flexibility. 

Learn more about Rotor power meters here.  

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