Spooky Season Gravel Rides With The Vegan Cyclist | We sell high end bike components

Spooky Season Gravel Rides With The Vegan Cyclist

We're through the dog days of summer and have made it to prime time for gravel rides. It may be spooky season, but that means the Fall colors are here and high alpine adventures are ready to be found. Recently named Ultra Distance National Champion and Rotor athlete, "The Vegan Cyclist" has found such high alpine adventures. Check out his most recent adventures and Rotor builds here!

Fall colors and to snow dusted peaks are the perfect backdrop for his recent accomplishment. The Vegan Cyclist has shown through his racing and series of Impossible Routes just how spectacular the Stars and Stripes Jersey is. A season full of endurance racing, grit, and mental battles has pushed him to the top of endurance riders around the globe.

Quiet dirt roads, early mornings with a chill in the air, and a bike ready for every mile is what gravel is all about. The key to adventures like this is the right gear. Making sure your bike is equipped with the components like proper gearing can be crucial to big climbs. 

Rotor offers gravel chainrings, cassettes, and power meters to make sure you're ready for every adventure. Whether it's long days on the bike where fit is everything or full groupsets that are the ultimate upgrade, Rotor manufactures high quality components that deliver lasting results. 

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