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Kevin's Custom Tomii 1x13

Kevin Girkins, professional bike racer, Meteor manager, shred-dude supremo, and former blade bro, had this sweet bike built up by Nao Tomii of Tomii Cycles. If you're into espresso, champagne, and chain lube, then Kevin is your guy  and I'd wager he keeps all three handy in those custom bags. Campsite espresso, anyone?

Featured on Kevin's Tomii:



Kevin Girkins custom Tomii with ROTOR 1x13 groupset

Seen here, Kevin is now riding with the INspider power meter upgrade.

Kevin Girkins custom bike by Tomii Cycles, featuring ROTOR 1x13 groupset in 12-speed mode

This is the original setup, with the bike dialed in on the 12-speed mode. The rear derailleur switches back and forth between 12 and 13 speeds by turning the inboard limit screw.

Tomii Cycles custom ROTOR 1x13 derailleur detail

Derailleur detail. 

ROTOR ALDHU cranks on Kevin's custom Tomii

Here's a close look at the front end of the drivetrain. So clean with the 1x specific frame!  

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