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Make Your Trainer Smart

 ROTOR 2INpower power meter being used as a smart trainer on the BST trail in Salt Lake City, Utah

Up here in the mountains of Northern Utah, the leaves have fallen and the trails are quickly filling in with snow. Mountain passes are closed, and any outdoor rides are a bundled-up somber affair. More and more people are turning to indoor cycling to keep their fitness up and to keep morale high. Luckily, the digital age offers plenty of options to maintain our fitness and keep up with the social side of our cycling: Zwift, TrainerRoad, Strava, and Sufferfest have social aspects to keep your riding buddies close at hand and track your training.

How does it work?

With a ROTOR power meter, you can connect it to your training app of choice and compete against your friends (and frenemies) for top rankings and digital glory. On top of that, you can play a game of power solitaire and work to raise your peak wattage, sustained power numbers, and FTP. When restrictions are lifted in your area, you can get back to training outdoors on the same power meter you've been using indoors, fully confident in your power numbers.

To set it up, simply set your bike up on a trainer, pair with the training app, connect your power meter, and get rolling! For a closer look, check out the video below.
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Still riding outdoors?

If you're training completely solo, we have some resources for how to keep an effective and measured training regimen by keeping close track of your power numbers. You'll find a couple of these training resources linked below.

Indoor Cycling Workouts - TrainerRoad
10 One-Hour Trainer Workouts -

If you are still able to ride outdoors, please check your local regulations for best practices, and we've linked a few general safety resources here:

Ride Safely Among Coronavirus Concerns -
Cycling Tips During COVID - WTFBikexplorers
Cycling in COVID-19 - Social Distancing - Cyclista_zine

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