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Q and A with Rémy Métailler

Q and A with Rémy Métailler

You travel to a lot of amazing places to ride. Do you have a favorite area and is it Squamish?

I moved from France to BC, Canada mostly for the riding, but I then fell in love with the place and the people, so I would say home is my favourite place to ride. The entire Sea to Sky corridor is amazing, but I also really enjoy going to the Alps, and Sedona.

If you could only have one bike, what bike would it be?

It would be my Propain Tyee which is a 170/160mm travel bike with Rotor Kapic 165mm cranks & an oval chainring for traction. Very capable, super fun and can do it all! Go fast, play hard and get me back at the top of the run.

Riding MTBs is notoriously hard on ones body. You obviously do a lot of cross training to prevent injury: what are your best tips to stay healthy & ride at your best every day? 

I think Mountain Biking reduces mobility, so it's important to train the body to stay mobile. Yoga, stretching is very important, so is lifting weights. I do the basics: pull ups, bench, squats and deadlifts as well as the all-important core.

 Do you have any must-do tips for bike setup? 

My bikes are always set up for the terrain I'm going to ride. It takes little time and makes a big difference! My tire pressure on the trail bike is usually around 19/21psi. Suspensions have to be balanced, my handlebar cut at 750mm, pedals and shoes have to feel in sync, and I make sure that my gear is comfortable. Ready to rip! 

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