Rémy Métailler - A Desert Playground | We sell high end bike components

Rémy Métailler - A Desert Playground

It may be Fall, but leave it to Rémy Métailler to make you want to take a desert trip while the colors are still changing. As temperatures are cooling down, Moab is the desert destination to take a trip. 

Rémy in Moab

It's always fun to see a new type of riding and switch it up from downhill or single track. The open, red rock slab is a playground that Rémy and Nate Hills utilize to their fullest extent. 

Rémy In Moab

The mesmerizing rock formations, steepness, and big drops will leave you smiling (with occasional gasps) the whole video. We're stoked that Rémy has made it out to one of our office's favorite playgrounds. Moab is a special place to be this time of year and Rémy captures the beauty and uniqueness in this video.

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