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Rémy Métailler with Stunning FPV Drone Footage



Rémy Metailler ROTOR MTB Video


Rémy Métailler has made some fantastic content, but this video is next level. These loamy, British Columbia lines are what dreams are made of. Massive drops, sweeping turns, and technical lines showcase just how special Squamish is. The FPV drone footage is second to none, giving viewers a true taste how talented Rémi is and how much he asks of his bike. This video left us only wanting one thing: more. 


Rémy rides ROTOR's Kapic Cranks and chainrings, putting them through their paces on rides like these. Weighing only 355 gram (170mm), these cranks are light enough to make an impact on the climbs and still provide confidence on any descent. Coming in 3 lengths (165mm, 170mm, 175mm) the Kapic Crankarms were made to suit anyone's riding style and needs. We can't wait to see what Rémy produces next!

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