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ROTOR Partners with Israel - Premier Tech

New Team, Who's This? ROTOR partners with Israel - Premier Tech

Israel Start up Factor BikeROTOR is very excited to support one of the top teams racing the World Tour today. The partnership with ROTOR signals another step forward for the team's performance pursuits and a commitment to providing riders with the best bicycle gear as the team prepares for its third year in the UCI WorldTour.

Israel Premier Tech will ride Aldhu Carbon & Aldhu alloy cranks, with INspider power & round and oval chainrings. "With Factor bikes, we are riding the best bikes in the peloton and the ROTOR components will ensure our riders are equipped with the highest quality components. At the highest level of cycling, we know that every detail matters & feedback from our performance team and riders has already confirmed how beneficial this partnership will be. We are excited to get the 2022 season underway and commence the partnership with a company of ROTOR's caliber," says General Manager Kjell Carlström.

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