Rotor Welcomes EJ Jones As Its Newest Athlete! | We sell high end bike components

Rotor Welcomes EJ Jones As Its Newest Athlete!

EJ Jones is Rotor's newest athlete! EJ is primarily a crit racer from Santa Rosa, CA but partakes in all things bikes. As the editor for Jeff Linder's NorCal Cycling YouTube channel, EJ has experienced the training and commitment that Cat 1 racing requires. After a few years of behind the scenes work, EJ now has his own YouTube Channel, NorCal Cycling 2 which covers his training as he works his way from Cat 5 to a current Cat 3 racer. 

EJ and Jeff started NorCal2 as a way to showcase their series "Couch to Crit". Following Jeff's training plans, the goal was to see how EJ would perform with zero initial training or cycling base. Needless to say, EJ has exceeded expectations and is now competing for wins and continuing to move through USA Cycling's categories. 

EJ has continued to put down monster power numbers this year and has recently signed with a new racing team, Velo Kings. EJ currently rides Rotor's Aldhu Carbon + INspider power meter with oval chainrings. Short cranks give him the edge with crit racing and accurate power numbers provide all the data he needs for day to day training. We can't wait to see EJ continue to progress and follow along with his training. Check out his YouTube, Instagram, and Strava channels to follow along!

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