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Trying Oval Chainrings with Dustin Klein

As the eternal debate between round and oval chainrings rages on, we set up Dustin Klein (cyclist, creator, overall cool guy) on our Oval Chainrings and 2INpower crankset. With a long ride scheduled in the PNW, we could only but anxiously await his feedback. 
Oval Chainring - Dustin Klein
Dustin acknowledges two main things with our Oval chainrings. The first is that the adaptation period is not long. With Dustin using a 98 mile ride to be the inaugural ride, the perfect scenario is that there isn't too much to adapt to. That's what you want right? 
Secondly, Dustin notes that these rings make for a slightly noticeable smoother pedal stroke. This translates into a better power transfer which can be crucial on long and/or technical climbs. Dustin points out something important here. It is a slight improvement. In an era of marginal gains, our Oval Chainrings provides just that. If you had the opportunity to climb more effectively, wouldn't you give it a try? 

Our Oval Chainrings were designed to have a minimal break in period. It shouldn't be an adaptation that affects your training or weekly brewery ride with the crew. But it is a piece of your crankset that will improve your performance on the bike. At a time in the bike industry where every gram matters, we have designed these chainrings to be lightweight, stiffer, and provide improved power transfer. Why not give them a try? With our Try Q program, you can ride a set of Oval Chainrings for 30 Days risk free. If you don't like them, we'll swap you out for a pair of our Round Chainrings. 
Check out Dustin's full video here.

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