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Unbound or Bust.

We all love our Big Days Out, whether it’s a race or a backyard ride right out of your own driveway. To have a great time, preparedness and planning are key.  Training and physical fitness for the ride are important, but since we make bike parts (and not training plans or chamois,) let's talk about more tangible components that you can control more easily. These include nutrition (based on the length of your Big Day Out), choice of kits that reflect weather (or what the weather might throw at you during your ride), and ultimately your bike set up. There are volumes of information about tire and tire pressure about how they can be adapted for each particular ride; narrower/less tread for Belgian Waffle Ride type events, wider/more traction-type treads for chunkier terrain such as Unbound, and changes in tire pressure to take into account. Don’t forget storage accessories, such as handlebar and frame bags that give you the space to bring along all your needs to make the day more successful.

At Rotor, we believe that gear choice can help adapt to terrain; power meters gauge your efforts, and bottom brackets make those rides smoother and reduce friction (and thereby effort!) Former ROTOR gravel athlete Kevin Girkins is a pro at prepping to ride throughout Europe and rally spirit-crushing (or character building, depending on your view) events like Unbound & Rule of 3 Gravel. Kevin has always loved his ROTOR power, group & rings, counting on efficiency & reliability to keep him at his best in the saddle. Rotor strives to make every ride for every rider a more efficient and memorable experience. Our world class components have been helping riders by offering innovative products that help riders be the best they can. From pioneering oval chainrings with our Q-Rings to developing power meters for road, triathlon, gravel and mtb. Rotor is there for your ride- no matter what you encounter!

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