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What is Velo Premiere??

Gofluo Cargo Bike


What is Velo Premiere, or better yet, how does a small business in the cycling industry retain top talent?

Well, Velo Premiere is our answer to retaining our favorite team members! We figure that if we keep providing staff with a great workplace & professional opportunities, they'll (almost) never want to leave. In that vein, the leadership for Rotor America founded Velo Premiere, a brand building business that can help other European brands find their foothold in the challenging North American market. 

Our first professional venture was TIME Bicycles, in partnership with CCG. As they got on their feet, we have turned our attention to the exciting Belgian brand, Gofluo. 

What's next? We'll be meeting with various brands at Eurobike to see what gets us stoked! Stay tuned for more updates. 

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