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3D30 Crankset

World Class Performance, Competitive Price

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  • Weight: 509g
  • Lengths Available: 170, 172, 175
  • Spindle Size: 30mm
  • Compatible with: BSA, ITA, BB86, BB30, BB30A, PF30, BBRight, BB386 Evo

Product Description

This was replaced by the VEGAST crankset. Click the link below to browse available cranks.
ROTOR Cranksets

Swinging a leg over your trusty steed and saddling up for a day on the road has been known to purge bad attitudes, increase smiles, and while we're not psychologists, we're pretty sure it has longterm affects of restoring positive outlooks on life. With that said, there are few things as frustrating as encountering a mechanical from a faulty crankset just a few miles into your ride. We've crafted the 3D30 Crankset from CNC-machined aluminum to offer unyielding stiffness in the face of adverse conditions, so you breeze past chattery stretches of road that send chains bouncing. 

The 3D30 Crankset's design is based on our top-of-the-line 3D+ crank, and is enhanced by our proprietary Trinity Drilling System (TDS) triple drilling technology to yield perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio. Unlike other ROTOR cranksets, this crank is equipped with a 30-millimeter spindle, ideal for those who covet stiff power. It was developed in conjunction with top pro cyclists and world champions for its featherweight feel with stiffness that keeps you in control when you're sprinting through the last meters, pushing for your spot on the podium.

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