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Our socks are one of the only things we don't make in our Spanish factory, but only because it's incredibly inconvenient to CNC textiles. To maintain the top quality that our customers have come to expect, we partnered with Swiftwick for the production of these socks. Woven out of a performance blend of synthetic fibers, they are designed to regulate temperature and keep your feet dry. The ROTOR logo across the back looks great on the trail or in the peloton, and in black and white, these socks go with every kit. 

Putting on a new pair of socks is one of the finest simple pleasures in this world. Treat yourself.


Men Women Euro
S (sold out) 3-6.5 4-7.5 34-38
M  7-9.5 8-10.5 39-42
10-11.5 11-13 43-45
XL 12-15 13.5-16.5 46-49

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