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ALDHU Carbon - Choose The Winning Combination

Lighter. Stiffer. Stronger.

The new carbon option for your modular ALDHU® cranks. 

Giacomo Nizzolo won the Clasica de Almeria in 2021 on ROTOR ALDHU Carbon cranks with INspider power meter Giacomo Nizzolo won the Clasica de Almeria in 2021 for Team Qhubeka ASSOS on ROTOR ALDHU Carbon cranks with INspider power meter

It has been a tremendous season for the ALDHU Carbon after a handful of riveting wins in the Giro d’Italia and Clasica de Almeria with Mauro Schmid, Giacomo Nizzolo, Lorenzo Fortunato and Victor Campenaerts taking the top step. Chapeau!

Featured crankset combinations

Since no two cyclists are exactly alike, when comfort and/or performance determine the quality of a ride or the outcome of a race, the ability to precisely dial in personal preferences becomes crucial. The ALDHU® Carbon cranks can be combined with different types of spiders, chainrings, and axles to optimize comfort and performance. To guide the selection process, ROTOR has organized possible crankset combinations into four categories: Standard, Superlight, Aero, and Full Aero with 1x and 2x configurations in all except Standard.

ROTOR ALDHU Carbon build options


ROTOR ALDHU Carbon Crank arms for road, gravel, and triathlon cycling

Available upgrades

ALDHU®’s modularity offers cyclists the added advantage to upgrade to the new carbon crank arms if they already use an ALDHU® or VEGAST® crankset. A 10 mm Allen key, a pair of ALDHU® Carbon cranks, and two minutes are all it takes to complete this easy upgrade.

The ALDHU Carbon went through years of design and iteration to improve on every aspect of our existing lineup; the cranks’ absolute vertical and horizontal stiffness were increased over the standard ALDHU by 11 percent and 36.1 percent respectively. Given that the ALDHU 3D+ was already known for excellent power transfer, this was an impressive feat of engineering. The chainring interface still uses our DM splined design for highly adjustable clocking of oval chainrings. Paired with the INspider power meter, our ROTOR Power phone app will tell you how to position your oval chainrings for optimal performance. It also offers a real-time pedal stroke analysis and spin scan to get the most out of every watt. 

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