Power You Can Trust

ROTOR makes bike components for people who need drivetrain parts that will be there for them when they need it most. When AG2R needs dual-sided power meters that they know will deliver consistent data for the entirety of the Tour de France, when those bikes are being power-washed and thrown into vans between stages, when accuracy and reliability can mean the difference between a perfectly timed attack and a missed break -- they choose ROTOR 2INpower.

AG2R in the Tour de France riding ROTOR 2INpower power meters

When road racer turned bikepacker Kevin Girkins heads out on multi-day excursions in rural Northwest Arkansas, he trusts the ALDHU with INspider to help him keep the power under control as he recovers from knee surgery. When it comes time to build those numbers back up, he has the option of moving to the 2INpower for a 360° spin scan and independent left/right balance. When quality counts, riders turn to ROTOR. 

Kevin Girkins' Tomii Touring bike with ROTOR ALDHU and INspider Power Meter

 Check out our power bundles below for everything you need to get set up with ROTOR power.

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