2INpower MTB Bundle - Includes Chainrings | High end bike components

2INpower MTB Bundle - Includes Chainrings

Dual-Sided Power Meter

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  • Weight: 715g (170mm + 32t). Comes stock with black bumpers!
  • Sizes: 165, 170, 175mm; 26t - 38t
  • Discipline: Mountain Bike

Product Description

This is the power pack for the rider who wants all the data. This is for taking KOMs and crushing races. This is for the weeks of training that lead you to that photo finish. Get after it. 

Rallying the trail is all in a day's work for you, but you don't put in the work for nothing — your efforts are aimed at results, and you want to keep progress rolling. You can watch the numbers as you conquer climbs, and earn new PR's, but without spotting monitoring the data it can be tricky to nail your weaknesses and power past them. That's where our 2INpower MTB Crankset comes into play. This twin-powered crankset records data from each leg in real-time, taking into account jumps, drops, and chunky rock gardens to harvest data to help you develop the perfect performance improvement plan, so you know when to push harder, and when to keep a little reserve in the tank. 

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